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We're curating this resource handbook to list all the tips that we hear from teachers about how to build a successful presence on AllCourse.

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First steps in creating your course

1. Start by creating a basic outline.
2. Create a detailed lesson plan.
3. Decide if you want to have a distinctive pedagogical approach. For instance:

  • You could limit class size to a very small number of students, so as to position the course for students who will benefit from a lot of personal attention in that subject
  • You could offer a girls-only STEM class under the theory that girls tend to speak up less in STEM classes when boys are present
  • You could try a partially or fully flipped classroom in which students spend some or all of their homework hours watching video lessons to learn the underlying concepts and then work problems together with you in class. Video lessons could be curated from YouTube or other sites, or could be your own prerecorded videos, or a combination of both.

4. Create a syllabus and a homework plan.