Refer your colleagues

  • When any teacher you refer begins teaching, and thereby generating service fees for AllCourse, you will receive the first $200 in service fees generated.
  • When any school administrator you refer begins purchasing seats in courses, you will receive the first $400 in service fees they generate for AllCourse.
  • You will receive the first $100 in service fees generated by any parent you refer to AllCourse.

To start making referrals:


Generate your unique code as a link you can copy/paste


Compose a new email and paste your unique link into the email body


Give the email a Subject and write something in the email body explaining why you’re sending your colleague this link. Maybe something like:

I thought you might be interested in teaching courses through this new marketplace for online for-credit courses. You can set your own schedule and rates. It’s a great way to earn extra income because you can teach entire classrooms (vs. tutoring just one student at a time).


Send the email(s). AllCourse will automatically give you credit for everyone who joins our community after clicking on the unique link in your email.

A few more details:

  • You must have a profile and be logged-in in order to generate a referral code and begin referring people.
  • To receive bonus payments being a Teacher, you must have set up your payment details.
  • You can refer as many colleagues as you like.
  • School Administrators can earn credits by inviting teachers and other admins to AllCourse. To avoid any possible conflict of interest, referral bonuses are not paid directly to the administrator but rather as credits that can be deducted against any future AllCourse purchases made by the admin’s school.
  • If you’re wondering why parents might buy courses, it’s usually either because they’re home-schooling or because their child’s school doesn’t offer a particular subject that they really want their child to take. If you know parents like this, you could try referring them to AllCourse. If they buy any courses for their child, you will receive the first $100 in service fees they generate.
  • For any referral to be valid, it must be the first time that person joined AllCourse.
  • Referral bonuses are deducted from AllCourse service fees, which means you will receive bonuses when teachers you refer have taught courses on AllCourse and/or when admins or parents you refer have purchased courses on AllCourse.
  • If you have any questions, contact and our team will help you out.