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AllCourse is an K-12 educational marketplace for traditional, for-credit, semester-long courses — taught online.

Teach what you love with the flexibility you need.


Build a Profile (it's free)

Answer a few questions and create a profile in minutes. Express your teaching style by customizing your page with a profile photo, work history, awards and certificates. Then, showcase your talents with an eye-catching introductory video.


List Courses or Browse Opportunities
(it's also free)

Teach and Earn in different ways. List semester-long courses you want to teach. Set your per-seat price, min/max class size, and your available schedule. Or browse school postings and bid for jobs.


Teach and Earn

Listing courses and browsing jobs are free. Once you teach a course, AllCourse's normal service fee is 15% — but it's just 10% for the 2022-23 school year for anyone who signs up or is referred by an AllCourse teacher before December 31st, 2022. You receive payment after the class begins.


Refer Educators and Grow Your Network

For each teacher you refer to AllCourse, you will earn $200 when they teach with us. For each school admin you refer, you will receive $200 after they start purchasing courses on AllCourse. Details here.